Where we train


The Northern, Lapwing Lane, Didsbury, Manchester.


Lesson fees:


Members pay a monthly fee of £30.00 to cover the full month of training. Visitors pay £7.50 per session or can pay the monthly fee if planning to train for more than 4 sessions in the month. 


Other costs:


We have a one off £10.00 new member fee to cover your grading and course record book and that is all we charge. Gradings are free (you only pass if you have earned the grade). However the Dan grade (black belt) test is subject to fees applied by JKF Wadokai. Insurance is up to you to obtain - we can provide details of where you can buy cover.


You will also need to buy a 'dogi' - white karate suit with a white belt if you are a beginner. These can be obtained from sports shops for around £30. After a year or so of training you might like to invest in a more expensive dogi such as those made by Shureido, Tokaido or Hirota. We can help you obtain these (they cost in the order of £100 - £150 depending on exchange rate costs and size).


Training Times:


Monday: 8.40 - 10.10pm

Saturdays: Check with club.



email: wadojournal@hotmail.com

mob: 07894 108944