Katsube sensei and Shimura sensei of JKF Wadokai

Thank you for visiting our Karate club website. We practice authentic Japanese Karate-dō based on the original training methods taught by the JKF Wadōkai. Regular classes are held in Didsbury with further additional training available to members at our private dojo in Marple Bridge.


The club is an official branch dojo of the JKF Wadokai. You can find out more about this unique method of karate elsewhere on this website and if you want to watch some examples of senior teachers demonstrating then please take some time to look here on our youtube channel


Karate is a great way to build fitness, stay healthy and of course, it is an effect means of self defence. Karate is suitable for anyone of any age and fitness level, so if you have always wanted to try it or perhaps you are just looking for a new interest then please get in touch. Please send an email or use the contact form.